Software and Services Around the Globe

Welcome to SYLIBRE. We provide software services and information, all crowdsourced to keep it free forever.  In today’s day and age, more and more people can collaborate together and work on projects as never before. We can come together from anywhere in the world thanks to technology and today’s software.

Now, thanks to this, there is an ever increasing demand for team players and those who can work across cultures and make things happen in a big way. Thanks to this globalization of the technology industry, progress is faster than ever. We are proud to be able to bring together the best programmers and software developers in the world to create something special.

This is a great video about somone who writes software code for a living. SEO, or search engine optimization, is related to this as that’s basically the search engines are: giant software programs. These software programs are designed to keep a database of websites and return the best one for whatever you type in. It’s pretty neat.

We have a new review of the KD Smart chair, the foldable electric wheelchair here.

It’s a pretty neat folding electric wheel chair that can go anywhere. It’s very light, compact and useful. Check out our review!